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It’s a great pleasure to welcome to 2022!

Your favourite one-stop shop for technology products Gadgetlot, today launches a members-only channel to deliver exclusive deals and requests for gadgets, devices, software and related products. All existing customers automatically are eligible to become members of, allowing the Gadgetlot team to focus on creating long-term, deliver the original gadgets you want at the best prices from anywhere around the world.
Members will get notified on deal(s) of the day, deal(s) of the week, deal(s) of the month and deal(s) of the year. On the other hand, members can also send in gadget sourcing requests to our team knowing for sure that we’ll get them the best price possible. For corporates, being a member of effectively expands your technology procurement workforce at no cost*
Our first deal and deal of the year is quite robust and comes from our legacy with Microsoft. We’re offering the cheapest pricing for all Microsoft Cloud Service Products to improve the productivity of small and medium businesses in Nigeria..
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To become a member of Gadgetlot Club and enjoy great deals, click through to and submit your most frequently used email address.

Cheers to a great 22!

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